Travel Green at Cranbury Court Apartments


Are you looking for sustainable travel options in Queenstown? Would you like to stay in a hotel where sustainability is front of mind? Travel greener and more sustainably in Queenstown and stay at Cranbury Court Apartments. Relax knowing your Queenstown holiday is genuinely making an effort to reduce waste and minimise its environmental impact. 

We believe all of us have a responsibility to be mindful about waste as consumers. We encourage environmental practices and non-harmful cleaning processes at Cranbury Court Apartments to ensure we’re doing our part to keep Queenstown beautiful! 



Our Queenstown apartments are stocked with ‘better bottles’ for the convenience of our guests. These better bottles are made from plants not plastic! They're made in New Zealand with 100% New Zealand spring water, so its guaranteed to taste delicious. Better bottles are non-toxic which allows them to be refilled and reused as many times as needed. The bottles are certified compostable which means they’re able to decompose to become natural elements leaving no toxic matter, unlike regular plastic water bottles. 

We’re excited and proud to have our own Cranbury Court collection of water bottles with Better Bottles available for our guests. 

Read more about Better Bottles through their official website.


We ensure our apartments are clean and hygienic so our guests have an enjoyable stay with us. We strive to the highest quality of cleanliness without the use of toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our guests and the environment. Our cleaning processes at Cranbury Court Apartments involve Enjo cleaning products. Enjo are chemical free, natural fibre cleaning products that only require water for use! They’re sustainable for the environment and reduce the amount of waste usually made from disposable cleaning products. Our Queenstown apartments receive positive feedback about the cleanliness of our apartments, cleaned immaculately without chemicals.

Read more on Enjo through their official website

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Why travel when you can travel green? Stay at Cranbury Court Apartments for your next Queenstown vacation! Our three-bedroom apartments are perfect for the whole family and are stocked with our non-toxic, non-plastic water bottles for your convenience. 

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